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My Fall 2014 TV Schedule

Sons of Anarchy - Sept 9th, Tuesday - FX
Sleepy Hollow - Sept 22nd, Monday - FOX
Gotham - Sept 22nd, Monday - FOX
Agents of Shield - Sept 23rd, Tuesday - ABC
The Vampire Diaries - Oct 2nd, Thursday - CW
The Originals - Oct 6, Monday - CW
The Flash Oct 7th, Tuesday - CW
Arrow - Oct 8th, Wednesday - CW
The Walking Dead - Oct 12th, Sunday - AMC
Star Wars Rebels - Oct 13th, Monday (Oct 3rd, Special Premiere) - Disney XD
Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways - Oct 17th, Friday - HBO
Constantine - Oct 24th, Friday - NBC

Think I’ve got everything mapped out that I’ll want to be checking out or returning to, hopefully I’m not forgetting anything.

Yeah i realize i need a life.

Meanwhile I’m in the midst of Hell on Wheels, The Strain and Legends.

Upcoming for 2015

Agent Carter
Game of Thrones
Orphan Black
Penny Dreadful
Falling Skies - 5th and final season.

Star Trek: Voyager

Voyager is actually the only Trek series that i haven’t sat through the entirety of, i don’t really hate it so much as it just hasn’t grabbed me like all the other shows… i was even able to watch all of Enterprise before i could even get in to Voyager and that’s kinda saying something that people might think I’m insane for. It isn’t a hate for a female Captain either, back in DS9 i always loved seeing Major Kira take charge of certain situations and i would have definitely been happy if she ran the place all the time. For whatever reason Janeway and her crew just haven’t clicked yet.

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